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What I do

I believe that all children and young people deserve the opportunity to be listened to, heard and valued. Young people are our future and experience a great deal of pressure as they make sense of the world they are living in. Working across Hertfordshire including Radlett, St Albans, Harpenden and Welwyn. I coach young people to help them understand their emotions and the affect they can have on their behaviours and results. I teach techniques that help manage thoughts and emotions, rid of negative thoughts and to help understand what their triggers are and to help stop these thoughts in its tracks. These techniques can be used anytime, anywhere now, and in the future.



I work with children using a variety of fun tools, from lego to paint, crafts, role play and other tools that are personalised to the children I see. The therapy and techniques help children overcome a variety of obstacles including Anxiety, Confidence, Bullying Resilence, Low Self -Esteem, Grief, Transition to Secondary School. I recommend 4 sessions between 30-45 mins and we will feedback to parents after each session by phone, email or face to face if its appropriate.



The teenage years are a confusing and often overwhelming time. I work with teenagers to help them make sense of their thoughts and show them how to tap into the fantastic skills they already have. The therapy sessions cover many issues such as Anxiety, Exam Stress, Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Bullying, Body Image, Grief, Coping with Change, Social Media Pressure amongst many other issues. I recommend between 4-6 sessions of 45 mins-1 hour and will feedback to the parents after each session by phone, email or face to face if its appropriate.


Being a parent is wonderful and rewarding, but there are times when we can feel at a loss when trying to understand the changing needs of our children. Maybe your relationship with your child is strained, or that you feel unconfident in your abilities to cope with what life throws at you. Perhaps you feel pressured to be the ‘perfect’ parent or unsure of how to cope with a particular situation with your child. I will work with you to help coach you through these emotions and help you set goals and achieve your desired outcomes. Working with you to help strengthen the relationship you have with your family, you will have a better understanding of how to communicate with your children. Teaching you simple techniques, you will be better equipped to face the every day challenges of being a parent. I recommend 2-3 sessions of 1 hour.


Working with schools is an exciting part of my role. I cover a variety of topics including Confidence, Exam Confidence, Bullying, Transition to Secondary School, Confidence In The Workplace, Understanding How We Can Apply Our Skills among many other topics. If your school has a particular need, then I can tailor the workshop according to the needs of the pupils. Workshops usually last 45 mins and take place during the school day.