About Me

My name is Emma Hossack, and I am the founder of ‘Transforming Young Minds’. Having had a very successful career, I took the decision to leave my job and concentrate on raising my daughters, Sienna and Jessica. Little did I know that being a full time mum would be the hardest job of all. The birth of my second child made me realise how lack of control, fear of failure and the need to be ‘perfect’ had ruled my life and all came crumbling down when I couldn’t be. The strive for perfection caught up with me and I became low, self critical and found it hard to see the positives in anything in my life.

I discovered NLP, a life changing course for me. I realised that I had never allowed myself to ‘fail’ and spent my life trying to please others, be liked but none of this made me truly happy. I thought about that world we live in and how it’s changing so fast. With the pressure of school, social media and the decline in mental health amongst young people, what better gift than the gift of NLP. To teach them that there is no such thing as failure, to rid of negative thoughts and to not limit the belief in themselves. Maybe if I had discovered NLP as a child, I may not have spent many years striving for ‘perfection’.

I set up Transforming Young Minds to give young people the chance to overcome barriers that are holding them back, and to teach them the tools that will last them a lifetime.